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Best Buddies UCLA
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We hope your summers have all been great!  We are looking forward to seeing some old and new faces this fall, so please fill out a membership application online at bestbuddiesonline.org as soon as possible and look out for information about meetings and interviews at the beginning of the quarter.  Email any questions or concerns to bestbuddiesucla@gmail.com please!

Beach Event Saturday!

The bus is leaving from behind the IM field at UCLA at 10AM and should return by 2pm.  Hope to see you all there! 

Send any questions to bestbuddiesucla@gmail.com

Message from UCLA Volunteer Center

Hi all,

So we are passing along the message from the UCLA Volunteer Center. If you are looking for some new volunteering opportunities, please consider signing up for a leadership role for Volunteer Day this September. Here is their message:

The UCLA Volunteer Center would like to invite you to participate in the 4th annual UCLA Volunteer Day as a Student Service Liaison. 

The Service Liaison program is designed to increase volunteer knowledge about the value of the service being performed at each Volunteer Day site. As a Service Liaison you will be responsible for researching your assigned site and communicating to the site’s importance to the volunteers.  You will also have the opportunity to talk to incoming students about your involvement at UCLA and further ways to get involved on and off campus in the future. 

Through explanation of the impact and value of Volunteer Day, incoming students will feel a greater sense of ownership for their project and feel more connected to their new home of Los Angeles. We hope you will be able to share your experience and expertise with the incoming class of Bruins! 

Please visit our website at http://volunteer.ucla.edu/volunteer-day-leader/ to apply.  Feel free to contact volunteer@ucla.edu with any questions or comments.  

Updated Spring Quarter Dates

Some important dates to keep in mind:
-Tuesday 4/10, 7pm: MANDATORY College member chapter meeting in BUNCHE 2178
-Saturday 4/21: Friendship Walk (go to this website to sign up for our team! http://www.bestbuddiescalifornia.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1010564&lis=1&kntae1010564=F18FE49313A14EEAB3BE92A0F5BF1740&team=4985967)
-Saturday 5/19: Beach Day event
-Saturday 6/3: Banquet
Thank you to everyone who signed our pledge board on Tuesday for Spread the Word to End the Word and we look forward to seeing you this coming Tuesday!

TUESDAY 4/3, 1-3PM: Spread the Word to End the Word

It’s all about RESPECT for people with intellectual disabilities.

Meet Olympian and Special Olympics of Southern California leader RAFER JOHNSON, hear personal experience of how the word “retarded” impacts lives from individual with intellectual/developmental disabilities, get a FREE PEN, listen to some fun MUSIC, and take a PHOTO with your PLEDGE to respect people with disabilities!

Your studies can wait until second week; come to Bruin Plaza for a great, fun start to spring quarter!


End of Quarter Update

Hello all! Here’s a few updates to keep you up to speed on all things Best Buddies:

-The camera project and buddy talent show are postponed to the end-of-the-year banquet, so don’t worry about getting the cameras back to us yet.  

-Be sure to have a look out first week of Spring quarter for Spread the Word to End the Word activities!  Come spread the word in Bruin Plaza on Tuesday the 3rd;

-Thank you to everyone who made the Rubio’s fundraiser a success this quarter!

-Be sure to keep the dates of next quarter’s events free: 4/21, 5/12, 6/2

-We are still accepting Internship/New Director applications; please turn them in ASAP

-Lastly, keep an eye out for fundraisers!

Good luck on finals!

Rubio's Fundraiser Thursday 2pm-9pm →

Come support Best Buddies AND eat super awesome food that you love Thursday, March 1 from 2-9.  Please print out the flier or look for the Best Buddies representatives near Ackerman for a flier.

Members: If you would like to flier with Best Buddies, shoot us an email or look for us near Ackerman.  We’d love the help and company!


Remember to submit your internship application by the end of 10th week! (the earlier the better!) Look for it in your email or on the link at the right :)

Save the Dates for Spring Quarter!

4/3: Best Buddies Art on Bruin Plaza and
4/3: Chapter Meeting 7 p.m.*
4/4: Sports and Disability day
4/5: Disability and Education/Science
4/12: Rootbeer Pong Tournament-College Member Social*
4/21: Friendship Walk
5/8: 7 p.m. Chapter Meeting*
5/12: Best Buddies Event (TBD)
5/29: 7 p.m. Chapter Meeting*
6/2: Best Buddies Banquet 5-8 p.m.
We will provide transportation for the buddies for the Friendship walk, the event on 5/12, and the Banquet.
*events marked with an asterisk are designed for UCLA COLLEGE MEMBERS
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